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Certificates TÜV SÜD Group
TÜV Süd is an internationally active German company based in the Bavarian capital of Munich. TÜV SÜD has been an independent inspection service provider for 150 years and has over 24,500 employees. These experts are represented at over 1000 locations - and thus worldwide. TÜV Süd strictly follows the maxim "Added value. More confidence." Thus the experts stand for quality, safety and reliability in almost all areas of business and life. It is particularly important to the company to create customer benefit. In concrete terms, this means creating added value for consumers, for companies and also for governments. This added value is generated in the areas of consulting, auditing, certification and testing. As TÜV Süd is a company with a long tradition of success and first became active as early as the middle of the 19th century, the organization is known worldwide. TÜV Süd has also set itself the goal of enabling progress by, among other things, protecting people from risks. Of course, this protection is also to be guaranteed in the production of respiratory masks, medical masks and other products in the medical field. This is why TÜV Süd is also active in the medical device industry and a reliable partner. If you are interested, we would be happy to show you our partner certificates and test reports from TÜV Süd and explain them in more detail.
Certificates U.S. Food & Drug Administration
The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting general public health. To ensure this protection, the FDA is active in various areas. Starting with human and veterinary drugs, through biological products to medical products. In addition, the FDA has set itself the goal of not only protecting but also promoting public health. Therefore, the FDA makes an enormous contribution in the area of innovation promotion. The main aim is to make medical products more effective, safer and also more affordable. The Food and Drug Administration also helps to provide information on medical products and food. This ensures that the public knows which products and foods should be used to maintain and improve their own health. Our partner manufacturers have also been in contact with the FDA and as a result have FDA certifications. We would be pleased to show and explain these to you in more detail if you are interested.
Certificates SGS
SGS is an international auditing group that offers its services in almost 20 industries. The company was founded in 1878 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. SGS has more than 140 years of experience as a leading global audit services provider. More than 94,000 employees work in over 2,600 branches and laboratories to satisfy their customers. In addition to testing expertise, SGS also specializes in testing, verification, and certification. To be successful in these areas, the company always follows the maxim that continuous progress is the key to success. This progress is, therefore, reflected in the services provided by SGS day after day.
Certificates TÜV Rheinland
TÜV Rheinland is a leading testing service provider that is active worldwide and can look back on almost 150 years of tradition. This German company now employs over 20,000 people around the globe. The company has set itself the goal of becoming the best sustainable and independent service provider for certification, consulting, training, inspection and testing worldwide. The global networking between TÜV Rheinland and recognized laboratories, test centres and training centres is a major step towards achieving this goal. Our partner manufacturers also came into contact with TÜV Rheinlands experts and can therefore present various certifications and test reports.
1AK by your side
We are happy to answer any question you have when you would like us to manufacture body protection. You can easily contact us by email, WhatsApp or by phone. You don't have to worry about language barriers, because you will be connected to a contact person who speaks your language and can answer any question about production if you would like us to manufacture your body protection.
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What does 1AK stand for as a body protection manufacturer
If you have body protection made by us, you can be sure that transparency, fair working conditions and sustainability are very important to us. We want to lead our industry in the right direction in this regard, which is why we go to great lengths to lead by example. We don't want to get involved in a price war with other manufacturers, but rather convince our customers with a sustainable perspective and good quality. You can be sure: we at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!
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The body armor manufacturer with the bridge between east and west
Since we work with contacts from Germany, uncomplicated communication is guaranteed at all times if you want to have body protection made. At 1AK there are no language or time barriers. You can of course also have clothing, sourcing and other products from the medical supplies sector manufactured by us in addition to body protection. We are at your side as a manufacturer with everything you need.
Have body protection made for every use
Regardless of whether you would like to have body protection manufactured so that you can use it in the medical field or in the laboratory, we are happy to assist you as a manufacturer. We work every day with more than 6,000 employees to exceed customer expectations when you have body protection manufactured by us. We pay particular attention to the fact that our products are extremely comfortable and usable. It is important to us that when you have body protection made by us, you are ideally prepared for work in a stressful everyday life.
Have body protection made, the many possibilities
As experts in the manufacture of medical supplies, we know that body protection is part of basic equipment for work in the medical field. We also know the requirements in order to be able to produce body protection that must be met in order to do justice to everyday medical practice. We have all the certificates so that you can have suitable body protection manufactured by us. We are happy to assist you if you would like to have body protection made.
The advantages of 1AK as your body protection manufacturer from the Far East
If you have body protection manufactured by us, it is very important to us that the expectations of our customers are precisely met. It is also important to us that our service is convincing when you let us manufacture body protection. At the beginning of the production you will be provided with a permanent contact person who can answer all your questions and who speaks your language. You can also rest assured that if you have body protection manufactured by us, it will be delivered in the best quality. Quality controls are an integral part of the manufacturing process for us, as is the constant exchange with our customers. We are looking forward to your message!
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An example of MOQ: Assuming you want to produce a T-shirt in the colour blue, the minimum order quantity of this blue T-shirt is 250 pieces. Within these 250 blue T-shirts you can of course differentiate between different sizes. For example, you could divide the 250 T-shirts into 5 sizes. However, this only applies per colour way. If you want to produce several colours / different prints etc. of the same T-shirt style, you have to buy at least another 250 pieces each.

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