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The FFP2 face mask is certified as both a PPE and EEC Medical Mask and meets all requirements for correct CE marking. Furthermore, our FFP2 mask – EN149:2001+A1:2009 is certified by an official notified body that complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for PPE (personal protective equipment) and is additionally certified to Type IIR – EN14683:2019 by an official notified body that complies with Regulation (EU) 93/42/EEC for medical devices.

The Model 2626-2 (FFP2 & Type IIR) is a particle filtering respirator with a filtering efficiency >= 95%. The elastic headband and the headband extension guarantee an exact fit to all head sizes. In addition, the 3-piece design, which is preferred above all by medical professionals, ensures a very high level of wearing comfort.

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Of course, we are also available for questions and advice if you would like us to produce FFP2 masks for you. You can reach us easily by email, WhatsApp or by phone. You don't need to worry about language barriers, because we work with English-speaking contacts who will connect you with them.

The advantages of 1AK as your FFP2 manufacturer from the far east

Our production facilities are on the white list of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. As our mass production has been inspected by TÜV as well as Dekra on site in Germany, it is possible to successfully deliver high production volumes for the German government. The current production capacity is approximately 300,000 units per day.


At 1AK, we attach great importance to the fact that when our customers have masks produced by us, all their requirements are precisely implemented. As a service provider, we can convince you with our outstanding customer service when you have masks produced by us. We believe that outstanding customer service has an incredible added value, so you are provided with a permanent contact person throughout the entire process.

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Having FFP2 manufactured: the versatile possibilities

Here at 1AK you can have FFP2 masks produced. This is a particle-filtering respirator with a filter effectiveness > 95%. The flat collapsible respirator provides reliable and effective protection against particles so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can have these extremely useful masks produced by us. When you have this mask produced, you should know that what makes it special is that it has an innovative three-part design. This means that the chin area of the mask as well as the upper part (including the nose clip) are folded out before use. When you have this mask produced, you can be sure that it will be the most comfortable mask to wear. Due to this innovative design, the mask adapts ideally to your face shape and the secure hold during facial movements is additionally guaranteed.

Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for as FFP2 manufacturer?

We focus on sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions, which is a promise you can count on when you have FFP2 masks produced by us. As it is not yet common in our industry to pay attention to these areas, we at 1AK want to set a good example and lead the entire industry in the right direction. We do not engage in price wars with other manufacturers when we have your masks produced. Instead, we want to convince our customers with our excellent service and a long-term view of us. You can be sure: We at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

Products by 1AK Medical Supplies FFP2 Masks

In addition to FFP2 masks, we can also produce many other products in the field of medical supplies. Other face protection options as well as body or head protection are no problem. You are also welcome to have other types of mouth and nose masks produced. All our products can protect you and those around you from viruses and bacteria.

The FFP2 manufacturer with the bridge between East and West

If you want us to produce your masks, we as a Chinese company want the communication with all our customers to run smoothly. Therefore, if you would like to have your masks produced by us, you will be provided with a permanent contact person who speaks your language. This person can not only answer all your questions, but also forward all your wishes and requirements directly to us. Of course, here at 1AK, with over 6000 employees, you can have more than just masks produced. Our large network of production facilities offers you a range of possibilities to produce a wide variety of garments. Tops like zippers or hoodies as well as bottoms like jeans or leggings and of course accessories can be easily ordered from us. But you can also have a selection of other medical supplies and cosmetics produced by us. No matter what you need for your brand, we at 1AK are happy to assist you as a producer.

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