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Due to the increased demand, you can now have two different versions of the FaceShield manufactured by us. Variant 1 is the so-called “Protective Shield”. You can have these FaceShields made in three different sizes and put on like ordinary glasses. The different size variants in which you can have FaceShields manufactured ensure that each head size can be assigned to one of the three sizes. This in turn enables a secure hold and thereby efficient protection. Variant 2 is the “Anti Fog Face Shield”. If you have this design of the FaceShields manufactured, you should know that the innovative design prevents the window from fogging. So, you can work with a clear field of vision even under the greatest stress.

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We at 1AK can also help you with advice or questions. If you would like us to manufacture FaceShields, then simply contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp. You do not need to worry about language barriers, because when you get in touch with us, you can speak to our German-speaking contacts.

The advantages of 1AK as your FaceShield manufacturer from the Far East

If you have FaceShields manufactured by us, then as a manufacturer we want to exceed your customer expectations. But that’s not the only thing that sets us apart. As a service provider, we attach great importance to ensuring that communication with our customers always runs smoothly. For this reason, we will provide you with a contact person at the beginning of your production process who speaks your language and can answer your questions if you let us manufacture your FaceShields. With over 6000 employees and the expertise that we have accumulated over the past 13 years since our foundation, you can be sure that you will always receive the best possible product from us. We are looking forward to your message!

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Have FaceShields manufactured: the versatile possibilities

We offer a variety of products such as protective goggles, mouth and nose masks as well as body protection suits and medical disposable hoods, which can protect the body, mouth and nose from potential pathogens that you can have us manufacture in addition to FaceShields. We at 1AK therefore have a large and diversified range of medical products and personal protective equipment. If you have FaceShields manufactured by us, you should also know that these come in sets, each with a frame and ten shields. You can also choose from one of seven possible colors if you have FaceShields made by us.

Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for as a FaceShield manufacturer?

At 1AK, sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions are very important. This is something you can rely on when you let us make your FaceShields. The Asian manufacturing industry is not yet up to date in these areas, but we want to set a good example and lead our colleagues on the right track. We don't get involved in a price war with other manufacturers, because we know that we can convince our customers with our outstanding service. You can be sure: we at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

Products from 1AK Medical Supplies – FaceShields

We can manufacture far more medical products than just FaceShields. You can protect all of our products in the medical supplies area from bacteria and viruses, regardless of whether you need the products for use in the medical field or whether you want to protect yourself in everyday life. We are happy to assist you as a manufacturer!

Your FaceShields manufacturer with the bridge between East and West

Since we want to offer our customers the best possible service, but are based in China ourselves, we make sure that there are no complications in the communication between you and us. Time differences and language barriers can be problematic, which is why we work with contacts from Germany who can answer any question about your product and who will be made available to you right from the start when you have FaceShields manufactured by us. You can also enjoy our all-round care if you want to have cosmetics or clothing manufactured in addition to medical supplies.

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