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The type IIR medical mask is designed for single use and is part of the basic equipment of every medical facility. The masks from this series have a bacterial filtration efficiency of >98%. This means that the mask can be used for operations on open wounds or for other medical personnel. It is also ideal for reducing the risk of spreading infections. In particular, this mask can be used in pandemic or epidemic situations. The elastic loops also ensure that the medical mask can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.
Of course, the disposable medical mask can also have a nose clip. This can be deformed with the hands so that the nose area is tightly sealed. This ensures that the mask also fits well in the critical nose area. The high filter performance, the lower breathing resistance and the high-quality melt blown material guarantee a high level of safety with excellent wearing comfort and a good field of vision. To ensure that you put the mask on correctly and that protection is guaranteed, you will find instructions for use on the packaging of the disposable mask.

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If you would like to have masks made by us, you are welcome to ask for advice in advance. You can easily reach us by email, WhatsApp or phone, and you don't have to worry about any communication difficulties. You will be connected to one of our English-speaking contact persons who will be able to answer all your questions when it comes to having masks made by us.

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When we have your masks manufactured, as a manufacturer with over 6000 employees, we pay close attention to ensuring that your customer requirements are precisely implemented. However, what sets us apart as a service provider is that we offer a unique level of customer service, which is very unusual in our industry. However, we are convinced that providing good service to our customers adds huge value. For this reason, you will be assigned a permanent contact person right from the start who can give you valuable tips and provide you with holistic support when you have your masks made by us. We attach great importance to the fact that after we have your masks made, we carry out an extensive quality control in order to be able to deliver the best possible product.

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We would also like to emphasise that medical masks of type IIR (also called mouth-nose protection) are also suitable for protecting your fellow human beings. Although droplets are also intercepted, these masks are not completely virus-proof. However, they clearly prevent the release of viruses and so you can make your own personal contribution to the protection of your fellow human beings and the population. Finally, we would like to mention that the disposable medical mask falls into the category of medical devices and is therefore not personal protective equipment. Accordingly, the mask is subject to the Medical Devices Directive EEC or the Medical Devices Regulation and not to the PPE Regulation. Therefore, however, these masks are also intended for use by medical professionals in an operating theatre, or in other medical facilities with comparable requirements.

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We focus on sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions, which is a promise you can count on when you have masks made by us. As it is not yet common for our industry to pay attention to these areas, we at 1AK want to set a good example and lead the whole industry in the right direction. We do not engage in price wars with other manufacturers when we have your masks made. Instead, we want to convince our customers with our excellent service and a long-term view of us. You can be sure: We at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

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In addition to disposable medical masks, you can of course have many other products from the medical supplies sector manufactured by us. Whether it is further products from the face protection or products from the body and head protection, if you would like to have more than disposable medical masks manufactured, we are happy to be at your disposal.

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When you have masks made with us, we make sure that production is always routed to the appropriate production facility here in Asia. When you have your masks made by us, we want the communication to go smoothly. However, because we are based in China, communication could prove to be problematic. For this reason, when you have your masks made with us, you will be assigned a permanent English-speaking contact person right from the start, so that all your requirements and wishes can be communicated to us. Of course, you can have much more than just masks made by us. Our extensive network of production facilities gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of garments. Not only can you order bottoms like jeans, leggings or shorts from us, but also tops like hoodies, jackets or T-shirts are no problem for us. In addition, it is also possible to have cosmetic items made with us. So it doesn’t matter what you need, we are at your disposal as a manufacturer.

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