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We manufacture all kinds of cosmetic products for over 500 cosmetic brands, retailers and public figures.
200 Mio.+
With our cosmetic products, our customers have generated over € 30 million in sales.
The 360 ° service was developed for you together with large international companies.

The areas of competence of 1AK Group

Cooperation with 1AK 1AK as your cosmetics producer from the Far East

As your cosmetics manufacturer from the Far East, we are at your side for all questions relating to the manufacture of cosmetics. Thanks to our excellent contacts in the Far East, we form the bridge between East and West. So the producers in the east and your company in the west. From perfume to make-up, we are there to advise and help you throughout the entire production process.

Starting with product development and design through to the finished product, we are at your side as your cosmetics manufacturer with all questions and help you where we can. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we have a wide range of knowledge in the field of cosmetics. We are always at your side with our knowledge and look forward to working with you.

Discover your advantages Our services as the way to your cosmetic products

As a cosmetics manufacturer from the Far East, we are at your side in all decisions regarding your cosmetics production. Starting with the receipt of your product order through to the finished product, we are at your side as your partner for cosmetics the entire time. We advise you on all decisions during the manufacturing process and help you to incorporate your ideas and ideas into the process in the best possible way.

Our graphic designers are at your side with the design, if they don’t already have some ideas and ideas about how your product should look in the end. We are also at your side with advice on the packaging and the ingredients and help you implement your ideas in a suitable product. As a full-service provider, we are at your disposal at all times for everything relating to your cosmetics production. We look forward to working with you.

Get to know us 1AK by your side

The 1-AK group of companies is more than just a reliable producer of textile goods, medical products and cosmetics. We are a full-service company that implements your requirements and wishes and offers you a 360 ° service around your product.

Cosmetics manufacturer Cosmetics, your companion in everyday life

Cosmetics are everything that is fundamentally used for beauty and body care, such as make-up, nail polish, skin cream or perfume. As a result, the term cosmetics includes a wide range of products, from products for cleaning to products for care and products for beautification. As your cosmetics manufacturer from the Far East, we have the full range of competencies to manufacture all cosmetic products.

Cosmetics are a constant companion in everyday life, from hand cream to make-up. We use cosmetics every day to care for or beautify our body. These individual products all have a large number of possible variations, so that the competition in this industry is very high, but there is always the possibility to develop something new. We are at your side as your partner in all possibilities for the manufacture of cosmetics.

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Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for as a cosmetics manufacturer

Sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions are solid cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. As a cosmetics manufacturer, it is also important to us that our cosmetic products are not tested on animals. We distance ourselves from all attempts on animals! In addition, our products are free from parabens. In principle, we do not get involved in a price war with our competitors, as sustainable thinking and a long-term perspective are more important to us. As your cosmetics manufacturer, you can be sure: We at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

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