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You’ve created the perfect design for a cool new jacket, but don’t know where to have this jacket produced? Let us at 1AK help you as a clothing manufacturer with over 6000 employees. Since our establishment in 2007 as a clothing manufacturer in Asia, we have had a large network of production facilities that offer you numerous options for having your jackets produced. From the waterproof rain jacket to the fluffy warm winter jacket to the stylish bomber jacket, we can produce all of your designs for jackets. No matter how large the quantity you need, we are flexible in terms of the number of items if you want us to produce your jackets. Right from the start, you will have a contact person who speaks your language for the production process so that you can answer all of your questions about the various options for having your jackets produced.

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The 1AK group is more than just a reliable producer of textile goods, medical products and cosmetics. We are a full-service company that implements your requirements and wishes and offers you a 360° service around your product.

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You can have the right jacket produced for every occasion. Be it a weatherproof outdoor jacket, a stylish denim jacket or even a maternity jacket that grows with you, we at 1AK will help you implement all your ideas and designs so that your jackets can be produced. As a jacket manufacturer, you can have us produce jackets in any size and shape you want in order to offer your customers the largest possible selection.

At 1AK you have numerous options with which you can have your jackets produced and personalize. If you would like to have jackets produced by us, you can choose from a variety of fabrics and materials. If required, we can also have your jackets printed or embroidered, although of course we always cater to your individual wishes. It’s never been easier to get started in the fashion industry.

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The advantages of 1AK as your jacket manufacturer from the Far East

As a clothing manufacturer, we attach great importance to the fact that customer requirements are precisely implemented if you want us to produce jackets. As a service provider, we stand out in the clothing manufacturer industry with our unique service. We know that close contact with our customers and good service bring huge added value. If you would like to have jackets produced by us, you will receive a permanent contact person in your language who can support you with valuable tips. Our team can support you with the design even before we have your jackets produced and after the samples have been completed, we will of course also take care of extensive quality control. Thanks to our years of experience, if you want us to produce jackets, you can count on us to always deliver products of exceptional quality at good prices. We look forward to your message.

Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for as a jacket manufacturer?

If you would like to have jackets produced by us, you can be sure that, as a clothing manufacturer at 1AK, we pay particular attention to sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions. Unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted in our industry, which is why we set a good example and want to lead the industry on the right path. As a sustainable and fair clothing manufacturer, we advocate a long-term perspective. For this reason, when we have jackets produced, we do not engage in price wars with other manufacturers, but rather try to convince our customers, above all with our excellent service. You can be sure: we at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

1AK: the jacket manufacturer with the bridge between East and West

Thanks to our large network of production facilities with over 6000 employees, we can always offer you as a clothing manufacturer for your company the right place to have your jackets produced. Because we are based in China, communication with our German customers could be difficult due to time differences and language barriers. For this reason, we have a number of contacts in German-speaking countries who can answer any question and are in constant contact with us so that communication can run smoothly if you want us to produce your jackets.

Of course you can not only have jackets produced by us. We can manufacture a huge variety of garments in our diverse production facilities. From different tops such as T-shirts or hoodies to bottoms such as shorts or jeans to accessories such as bags or caps. But we don’t just limit ourselves to clothing, you can also have medical supplies or cosmetic items made by us. When creating a new style for your brand, you can benefit from our years of experience. Register today so that we can produce your own jackets!

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