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Have shorts made: the many options

Want to bring your own shorts designs to market but don’t know where to have your shorts made? At 1AK, we have been able to help you with the production of all your designs since our foundation in 2007. As a clothing manufacturer from Asia, we can boast a large network of production facilities with over 6000 employees and thus offer you countless possibilities to have your shorts made. Whether you want short high waist pants, short sweatpants or practical two-layer running shorts, you can easily have all of your shorts made by us. We are also flexible with the number of shorts that you would like to have made. It doesn’t matter whether you only want a small quantity or a large quantity of shorts, we are your partner for every order. In addition, you will be provided with a contact person who speaks your language right from the start, who can answer any questions you may have if you would like us to manufacture your shorts.

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The 1AK group is more than just a reliable producer of textile goods, medical products and cosmetics. We are a full-service company that implements your requirements and wishes and offers you a 360° service around your product.

Shorts for every style

Everyone needs a pair of good shorts. Be it a pair of gym shorts to be able to do sport, or just a pair of loose shorts for hot summer days. No matter what designs you have in mind, you can have all your shorts made by us. As a clothing manufacturer, we want you to be able to have the ideal shorts made for all of your customers. We can also have your shorts made in any size so we can offer each and every one of your customers the perfect shopping experience.

If you want us to manufacture your shorts, you can be sure that we only use high-quality materials and fabrics. If you want to personalize your shorts even more with prints or embroidery patterns, that is of course no problem for us. Should you have your shorts made by us, we are open to all your wishes and requirements, so that your career in the fashion industry goes entirely according to your ideas.

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The advantages of 1AK as your shorts manufacturer from the Far East

As a clothing manufacturer, we at 1AK attach great importance to always implementing customer requirements very precisely when they have their shorts made by us. As a service provider, we distinguish ourselves primarily through our uniquely convincing service. We think that good customer service and satisfactory support add great value and we want to set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry in which such service is not yet common. If you would like to have your shorts made by us, a permanent contact person will be at your side throughout the entire production process, who can provide you with comprehensive advice. In addition, if necessary, our team can support you in the design phase before you can have your shorts made. A detailed quality control should not be missing in the production. This is the only way we can be sure that we have shorts made that are sure to satisfy your customers. If you want to have shorts made, benefit from our many years of experience with countless customers and our fair prices. We look forward to your message.

Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for as a shorts manufacturer?

If you want to have shorts made by us, you can be absolutely sure that we at 1AK attach great importance to sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions. Since this cannot be taken for granted in our industry, we have set ourselves the goal of setting a good example and leading the entire industry in the right direction in these areas. We do not go into the price war that is waged between Asian manufacturers, but want to convince our customers with a long-term perspective and excellent service that they want us to produce shorts. You can be sure: we at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

The shorts manufacturer with the bridge between East and West

If you would like to have shorts made by us, we at 1AK want to be at your side as a clothing manufacturer. This means that we forward the order to one of our numerous production facilities with over 6000 employees in order to achieve the best possible result when we have your shorts manufactured. Our headquarters are in China, but we want everything to run smoothly, despite language barriers and time differences, when our customers have shorts made by us. Therefore, a contact person is available to you during the entire production process who speaks your language and will immediately pass on all your wishes and requirements to us.

But of course you can not only have shorts made by us. We offer you a large selection of clothing items during production. Other bottoms such as jeans or leggings, tops such as hoodies, zippers or T-shirts as well as accessories such as caps or bags are no problem for us. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also have a selection of medical supplies and cosmetic items made by us. So if you want to create a new style for your brand, there is no question that we will be at your side as a producer with everything you need.

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