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Since 2007 we have been able to serve over 10,000 customers worldwide in the textile, medical and technology products.
The 360 ° service was developed for you together with large international companies.
1 billion
With our service, our customers have generated more than 1 billion euros in sales.

The areas of competence of 1AK Group

Sustainable standards & Certificates

Discover our diversity Divisions from 1AK

The 1AK group of companies consists of three divisions: On the one hand, we are active in the textile industry and produce a wide variety of garments for a wide variety of brands from around the world. The second pillar of our group is the medical industry: We produce various medical utensils for private and commercial use. Another pillar is the technology sourcing: we can source and manufacture all technology hardware products in our supplier partners production facilities.


Have clothes made at 1AK

As your clothing manufacturer, we are your partner and the bridge between East and West. Our clothing consists of western quality standards paired with East Asian tendencies towards perfection.

Medical Supplies

Have medical utensils manufactured

In times of globalization and the ever-increasing threat of new health-damaging factors, 1AK, as a manufacturer of medical utensils and supply products, has an obligation to help.


Have technology products manufactured

Have your own technology products manufactured and delight customers over the long term. This is what 1AK, your manufacturer of technology products, stands for.

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Get to know us 1AK by your side

The 1AK group of companies is more than just a reliable producer of textile goods, medical and technology products. We are a full-service company that implements your requirements and wishes and offers you a 360 ° service around your product.

You can find us here Production sites

Our urban production facilities offer you, the customer, the opportunity to achieve the highest quality levels and, among other things, to implement complicated clothing. We rely on our production sites in urban regions, especially when using interlock machines for certain cut & sew styles. All locations are equipped with a hanging system for clothes, a direct printing machine, an automatic sample cutting machine, a laser cutting system for clothes, etc. We also rely on our urban network in the manufacture of products for the medical sector. The Guangzhou Special Economic Zone is an important location for us when it comes to the manufacture of respiratory masks and medical disposable masks.

Guangzhou is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is very important for foreign investment. We have also invested here and are very proud of our local production partners. Guangzhou is constantly reinventing itself and is not just “today”, but the future. Thus, one can always assume that the latest and most innovative technologies are used in the manufacture of medical products. We also use the latest technology in the manufacture of technology hardware products.

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Our philosophy What does 1AK stand for?

As an important part of the Yongdian Group, we have stood for sustainability, transparency and fair working conditions since 2007. These 3 points are very important to us. We at 1AK want to be pioneers in these areas and lead the entire industry towards them. As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, we don’t want to enter into the price war with other manufacturers, but rather set ourselves apart from the others with excellent service and a long-term perspective. You can be sure: we at 1AK will go the extra mile for you!

Customer communication is very important to us. That is why we have developed the 1AK Customer Communication Concept over the past 5 years in order to better develop understanding and individual measures for your project. We therefore rely on customer advisors and merchandisers who not only speak your language, but also come from your target region and know exactly what is relevant for your target market.

With the name 1AK we promise you the highest level of service quality every day. Our promise to you is valid for all areas of our work, starting with contacting us, individual consultation of your wishes, sustainable production of your products and shipping of the goods.


Especially the company value “We offer a one of a kind service experience” represents the heart of our corporate culture and determines how we want to conduct and maintain our business with you, our customer, every day.


It is our greatest endeavor to always respond to you within a useful period of less than 48 hours and to keep you informed about news. Should this not be the case, we invite you and your entire team to lunch.

Unsere urbanen Produktionsstätten bieten dir als Kunden die Möglichkeit, höchste Qualitätsstufen zu erreichen und komplizierte technische Produkte umzusetzen. Besonders bei Seamless Styles, hochwertiger Bademode und der Verwendung von Interlock-Maschinen für bestimmte Cut & Sew Styles, setzen wir auf unsere Produktionsstandorte in den urbanen Regionen. Die Produktions- und Arbeitsbedingungen sind hier weit über dem Standard von BSCI AMFORI und bieten eine hervorragende Möglichkeit für innovative Umsetzungen von Bekleidungsstücken, medizinischen Versorgungsgütern und technologischen Produkten.

All locations are equipped with a hanging system for clothes, a direct printing machine, an automatic pattern cutting machine, and a laser cutting system. With the support of the whole function of the clothes hanging system and other manufacturing facilities, 1AK applies the whole quality management system to continuously improve the quality of products and manufacturing processes. The company strictly adheres to the international quality and environmental management system standards to ensure product quality and compliance with requirements.

Our productions in the more rural regions are ideally suited to implement larger quantities at a very competitive price. Our wholesalers and customers use this opportunity to sell their products in the best possible way on the marketplaces and to scale up as a brand. The production facilities consist of vertically integrated production lines for manufacturing and are equipped with the most modern equipment.

The entire production process is controlled within several complexes. It enables quick interactions in the development cycle and a shorter time to market for the products. The manufacturing facilities have an online quality inspection system, a traffic light inspection system and a finished product inspection system to meet international standards of workmanship and quality.


what we offer Our services

The 1AK group of companies is more than just a reliable manufacturer of medical products, textiles and technology products: We are a full-service company that implements your requirements and wishes and offers you a 360° service for everything to do with your product. Benefit from our many years of experience and use our extensive network to implement your very individual product ideas.

Design & Development

Design and development provide the basis for the implementation of your clothing. The design sums up all the creative thoughts in a coherent product. This takes place in the form of a so-called “tech pack”, which is crucial for implementation. In addition, it provides the merchandiser with guidelines for implementation.


At 1AK, our main focus is on the production and implementation of your desired clothing. From simple cotton styles to very complex and sustainable seamless styles. You can have all of this produced at 1AK.

Quality Control

The quality control (also ``QC`` for Quality Control) is a crucial part in the acceptance of bulk production and is carried out by a large number of companies. This guarantees the best possible product experience for the customer. Everything is included here, from checking the size chart to various washing tests and various fabric tests.

Export / Import

We support you with all possible import and export issues. From choosing the right HS codes to creating important import and export documents.


Our 1AK Fulfillment Service: From the storage of your clothing, to the dispatch to your end customer, to the processing of returns and customer support - we can take care of all of this for you!

E-Commerce & Online-Marketing

How do I reach more customers online? Is my online shop optimally set up? What else can I optimize to improve my conversion rate? We support you in all topics related to online marketing & e-commerce.

More than just a sourcing partner Our commitment

Children in need


The 1AK group of companies has been supporting needy children and their families from poor backgrounds for over 10 years. We give them the opportunity to attend international schools in order to enable them to receive a sustainable education. The goal of the 1AK group of companies is to have built over 10 schools in Asia by 2025.

We support toddlers from first grade to university. We focus on children who come from very poor backgrounds and where the parents are disabled or some of them have died. We want to give these children, who otherwise have no education, a sustainable chance.

Zero waste as the focus


Sustainability, fairness and future orientation are very important to us. The 1AK group wants to be a pioneer in these areas and act as a role model for other companies. In order to achieve these goals, we have stood for transparency and fair working conditions as an important part of the Yongdian Group since 2007.

We make sure that the production facilities always work under fair conditions and that the employees are appropriately remunerated for their work. In addition, we at 1AK pursue the zero-waste philosophy: It means that we produce as little waste as possible in our production facilities and that raw materials are not wasted.

Tip me


We offer you as a brand the connection of Tip Me in your online shop. Tip Me works exclusively with clothing companies that are fair and sustainable and comply with the international labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). This includes the prohibition of child labor, the prohibition of forced labor, no discrimination, fair pay and a right to association. The users can find out directly via the online shop, transparently and in real time, when their tip will be paid to the factory worker and thus fulfill a wish. There is a story behind every product. We see it as our job to tell these stories. We want to connect your brand and above all your customers with the people who make the products.

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